Baby Washable Diaper 293cn

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They’re good for the baby’s skin — but only if you change them often. Cloth diapers are often praised for being good for the environment and good for the baby’s skin. However, they tend to be less absorbent than disposables, so you need to change them more often.

Follow these basic steps to launder cloth diapers:
  1. Remove inserts from pocket diapers.
  2. Always use the highest water level allowed by your washer.
  3. Begin with a cold rinse, no detergent.
  4. After the cold rinse, run a regular wash cycle on hot, using 1/4 cup detergent. …
  5. Follow up with an extra rinse on cold.

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Baby Washable Diaper 293cn Smartmom Bangladesh

Baby Washable Diaper 293cn

৳ 390