Apple Bear Baby Pp Feeding Bottle 60ml

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1. The bottle body is made of polypropylene (PP), transparent and eco-friendly material. Safe, non-toxic and non-bisphenol a (BPA), a chemical that interferes with secretion of hormones. Has a high toughness, impact resistance, easy crack, and can resist various organic solvents and acid-base corrosion
2. Automatic suction tube design breaks the traditional form of holding and sucking milk from a bottle of milk. Can suck freely at any position Ready, more convenient to use
The nipples are made from food grade silica gel through special technology, soft and hard, and comfortable. The air valve designs the pressure inside and outside the bottle. It can be balanced automatically, easy nipples suck for children to fluently and avoid vomiting or choking caused by inhalation. Sniffing too much air. The design crosses the suction hole size and suck with baby. Automatically adjusts the milk output. All components can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees. Can be boiled and sterilized in water.
Before use, clean components and boil water for 5 minutes. Water should be sufficient to protect the product from deformation due to long exposure. The bottom of the pot or edge pot after adjusting the milk, the nipple is to put the tooth gently, pull and then in rotation.

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Apple Bear Baby Pp Feeding Bottle 60ml Smartmom Bangladesh

Apple Bear Baby Pp Feeding Bottle 60ml

৳ 172

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